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how's my driving?

Do you like my way of playing bb!Nanao? Yes? No?
Constructive criticism is welcomed!

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Player Info:
Nickname: Myki
Age: 18
Personal LJ: chezlehistoire
Method of Contact: Plurk & AIM (chezmyki)
Characters Played: N/A

Character Info:
Name: Nanao Ise
Age: 36
Canon: Bleach
Pull Point: Turn Back The Pendulum Arc

Background Info:
History: I'm taking Nanao from just after the earliest chronological time shown in Bleach - the Turn Back the Pendulum mini-arc, which is roughly 100 years before the main storyline begins.

Nanao did not have the happiest 'childhood'. After she was reborn into the Rukongai, her reishi grew by leaps and bounds, and since Nanao couldn't control it, it would build to dangerous levels, and then release explosively as a regulation mechanism, often causing major collateral damage to anything that was around her. This resulted in her being shunned by most inhabitants of the Rukongai, and they forced her to the very outskirts of the inhabited areas, where wild and dangerous creatures live, in the hope that a Hollow would find her and eat her. 

This, as you can imagine, did not make for the happiest of childhoods, and left Nanao with a general belief that people were to be kept away from, because they would only drive her away from them in the end. This, combined with her powers (and lack of control over them), led to the formation of her cool and withdrawn persona that we see in grown-up Nanao. However, even her control isn’t perfect, and occasionally bursts of emotion come through - and although they’re not always overly extreme, they can be... powerful, especially when combined with unstable reishi.

However, when we first meet her in-series, she’s shown to be a member of the Eighth Division, so that means at some point that she was not only found, but has gone through the Academy, a process that normally takes six years to complete, and appears to have a close relationship with the Vice-Captain, Lisa Yadomaru. It’s stated that one the first day of each month, she comes to Lisa, and they read books together. Extrapolating this, it would appear that Nanao has probably come to see Lisa as a surrogate mother figure, and thus, her exile at the end of the Turn Back The Pendulum arc would be heartbreaking for the young Shinigami, and it’s likely that she would have retreated back into her shell, so to speak.

Personality: Nanao's been through a lot of shit in her life. Broken bird, break the cutie, not child friendly. Book smart, fighting skills, frightened of rapid change - takes comfort in schedule and order. BOOKS. Booksbooksbooks.

Game Specific:
Arcana: The Tower (Masakado)
Justification: major changes, upheaval, disruption, enlightenment, and freedom.
loss of belief, collapse of values, loss of expression, imprisonment, and negativity. 

First Person Sample: Refused a job.
Third Person Sample:  Dark hour - meeting Masakado

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